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What Motivates Us

We adore our cats. They are our family.

When our beautiful blue moggy was struck by a car we vowed never to have an outdoor cat again, yet we couldn't imagine life without cats. Ragdolls are only suited to indoor life.  

Ragdolls are the most unique best breed of cats in the world. We may be slightly biased, but every one of our cats surpasses every expectation of the breed! We aim to better the breed and keep the Ragdoll original standard of good health, type, size and temprement. It’s why we put so much time, love and effort into our cats.

We breed for health, temprement and Ragdoll 'type'.


We chose only the best homes for our babies, suited to our babies. 

Prior to getting our girls we did copious amounts of research of the Ragdoll breed, including known health issues of the breed. Our breeding cats are all tested and clear of the one known HCM gene which affects ragdolls. Our fundamental aim whilst breeding Ragdolls is to produce healthy, good quality cats, rather than quantity. Our goal is to breed as close to the breed standard as possible, to always breed within the ethics of the Ragdoll clubs and governing body, retaining the quality Ragdolls that were first introduced from California

 to the UK in the 1980's.

We strive to become one of the most ethical breeders in the UK.


To find out more or to enquire about a new family member, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to tell you anything you need to know.

Ragdoll Cat


How We Do Things

At MokeyBlue, we are rigorous in screening and selecting the right home for of our beloved babies. Every one of our cats lives in the house with us and is a fundamental part of our family. Everyone of our cats and kittens are truly our babies, nurtured from birth until the day they find their perfect new home and beyond. We ensure that we carefully match our babies with the right home for each of their individual personalities. As a responsible breeder we will always offer suport to cats bred by us, even if they no longer live with us. 

If we do not think your home is the best place for them, we will redirect you to a different breeder who may have cats with a better fit.


To enquire about a kitten, please get in touch.

Note, we are registered as GCCF breeders, therefore a kitten will never leave us and it's mother until it is at least 13 weeks old. All of our kittens leave us with their GCCF registration certificate and a five generation pedigree. Our kittens are all neutered and of course vaccinated, microchipped, health checked, wormed and preventative flea treated. Each of our babies leaves us with a small supply of the food that they are used to, litter and some scent marked toys to help them settle into their new home.

Each kitten leaves us with a lifetime of support.

We are members of The British Ragdoll Cat Club (TBRCC) and The Progressive Breed Ragdoll Cat Club (PBRCC). 

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