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Buying a kitten

Our cats and kittens are a fundamental part of our family. We love and care for them from the day they are conceived. Finding the right home for our babies is paramount. We carefully match our kittens to their prospective families. Each kitten will be suited to different families. 

Please complete the contact form in order to express your interest and allow us to start matching you with the right kitten

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Outdoor Cats

Ragdolls are not suited to an outdoor, free roaming life. MokeyBlue Ragdolls have been bred for their temprement which means that their friendly, gentle floppy behaviour has extremely negative issues outside. They will roll over when they see someone no matter where they are, be that in a road or driveway. They will happily befriend anyone no matter their intentions. They may bat at birds as they fly by, but they have no idea how to defend themselves from attack. 

For this reason MokeyBlue Ragdolls will only be placed as indoor cats or where there is a secure garden or catio.  

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Breeding Cats

We do not sell any active breeding cats. All our cats will be registered as non-active meaning that they are not for breeding for various reasons. They will also be neutered prior to going to their new home. 

Breeding cats is far more complicated than we ever appreciated and it has taken us years to learn. We are still learning and will continue to do so for many years to come. 

Therefore please do not enquire about buying a breeding cat from MokeyBlue Ragdolls. 

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