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10 Top Tips for before you bring your new kitten home

So finally the day is nearly here. Weeks, months, maybe years of waiting for your perfect baby and finally... finally you are about to bring him/her home. But what now? What do you need to prepare? How can you help your baby on their first day away from their mum and their family?

Get a sturdy, easily washable cat carrier. Get a carrier that allows for growth. Your tiny baby won't stay that way for long. A Ragdoll is a big cat.

Get plenty of food. Whilst it's tempting to buy them everything that they stock in the petshop it's really important to keep them on the same food that they've been used to. All kittens, especially Ragdolls can get upset stomachs if you change food too rapidly. Do your research. Look for foods high in protein. Cats are obligate carnivores. You don't need to feed them fillet steak every night, but their food must be made of majority meat. Decide what you want to feed them and slowly transition them if you plan to change their diet. a maximum introduction of 10% change is recommended. MokeyBlue Ragdolls are typically fed on high quality raw, high protein tinned food and high quality biscuits.

Buy lots of litter. Whilst your new baby is settling in use the same type of litter and litter trays that they have been used to. MokeyBlue Ragdolls use wood pellet litter, open and closed litter trays. They have learnt to use these trays and this litter so don't change it yet.

Prepare a room. A new house can be very overwhelming and scary for a kitten. When your baby first arrives they should start off in one room where they learn to feel safe. They need to have a safe place in this room. That may be a cardboard box or an extravagant cat tree. They have never been alone before and they will want somewhere to feel safe and maybe hide. Chose a room that isn't too loud or busy, but also where they can get lots of company and attention when they chose to.

Remove all plants, scented candles and diffusers. Most household plants are toxic to cats, especially inquisitive kittens. Most scented candles and diffusers are toxic to cats.

Don't use recliner chairs. Recliner chairs have mechanisms that will trap and seriously harm cats.

Buy one cat bed. Whilst it's easy to get excited buying new beds for your baby, many cats prefer to make their own bed so just buy one that's cozy, has room for growth and is suitable for pets without any loose threads, strings or small objects they could choke on. You can always buy more beds if your baby decides to use them.

Buy a water fountain. Cats prefer water fountains, but some cats prefer just a bowl of clean water.

Buy a few ceramic food bowls. You'll need to feed the kittens three times a day initially so make sure you have enough bowls to ensure they always have food in a clean bowl, plus a bowl for biscuits. Ceramic or metal bowls are the best and most hygienic. Do not use damaged bowls.

Close up small gaps and spaces. Small kittens will often climb into a small space such as a smal hole below your kitchen cabinets or even a small void in the wall. It may prove difficult to get them out safely or without damaging anything.

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